Comfort Zone Solid Roof


A Comfort Zone Solid Roof keeps you warm in the winter and keeps you cool in the Summer... as well as having superb acoustic insulation and featuring a self-cleaning surface.


Comfort Zone Solid Roofs consist of panels made of PIR polystyrene core with 3mm acoustic layer sandwich between two 1.5mm plastic outer skins. The panel has a self clean coating on the outside face. The panels are available in Anthracite Grey on White.

Comfort Zone Solid Conservatory Roof

Comfort Zone Solid Roof Features



Technical Information


Core Material



Technical Data



Building Regulations


Changes made in October 2010 allow you to have a solid roof conservatory as long as:


  1. less than 30M2 floor area and built at ground level.
  2. There is a separation between the conservatory.
  3. An independent heating system is needed with discrete controls and temperature settings.

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