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Easy-Fit Conservatory Roof manufacturers are a Norfolk based conservatory roofing company specialising in conservatory roofs manufacture and bespoke aluminium and plastic fabrications. We specialize in elevated aluminium box gutters. As well as Conservatories, Easy-Fit conservatory roofs also offer 2 types of Car Port, Bespoke Supeior and Economy. Easy-Fit Car Ports can be supplied fitted or as a kit.


Aluminium welding either in-house or on-site is a specialist service Easy-Fit roofs offer. As a company Easy-Fit conservatory roofs also manufacture all types of bespoke aluminium box gutters for Kings Lynn, Norfolk and surrounding areas.


We offer other services such as on-site surveys which include CAD drawings and builders' base plans.

Easy-Fit Conservatory Roof Systems

Where Aluminium meets Plastic


Our modern manufacturing techniques offer you superb quality which you can rely on! We are happy to show you around our manufacturing facility, please contact us.


We can provide plastics in the following colours; White, Rose Wood, Light Oak, Chartwell Green, Ice Cream, Irish Oak, Black, Brown, Anthracite Grey, or any other RAL number sprayed. Feel free to ask if you have any unique requirements.


Did you know?


In the UK the legal definition of a conservatory is a building that has at least 50% of its side wall area glazed and at least 75% of its roof glazed with translucent materials, either polycarbonate sheeting or glass. Today, the terms sunroom, solarium and conservatory are used interchangeably by the public, but in general the term conservatory and particularly English conservatory evoke the image of an ornate structure, echoing the traditions of that Victorian era of conservatory building.


The 19th century was the golden age of conservatory building, primarily in England. English conservatories were the product of English love of gardening and new technology in glass and heating technology. Many of the magnificent public conservatories, built of iron and glass, are the result of this era. Kew Gardens in London is an example of a large greenhouse used for growing tender and rare plants, or, less often, for birds and rare animals – sometimes with the plants and animals living together.

The widespread construction of UK conservatories came to a halt with the onset of World War II. While the advent of insulated glass in the 1950s and 1960s saw the development of simple sunroom structures, it was not until the 1970s that creative architects and builders began to recreate the Victorian styling of 19th century English conservatories in smaller domestic versions using insulated glass.


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